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Welcome to, a consumer focused website that is simply trying to make the often confusing subject of Medicare, and Medicare benefits, much less complicated. is owned and operated by Health Network Group, LLC ( a private company that is focused on helping consumers avoid many of the pitfalls that can occur when it comes to understanding and safely enrolling in a health insurance, or Medicare plan.

Since its launch in 2012, HealthNetwork has helped more than 15 million American households safely research their options on an annual basis. It has received recognition for providing one of the best overall consumer experiences with regard to healthcare research and enrollment. The primary focus of is to help consumers understand precisely how each individual Medicare plan compares to one another. has information on Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans as well as helpful information on Original Medicare (Part A & Part B).

Not all individuals who sign up for Original Medicare will require an Advantage or Supplement Plan. For those who do find that Part A and Part B alone do not cover enough of the total cost of their care, is a safe place to research and connect with highly vetted, and most importantly, licensed Medicare professionals. may receive compensation from some companies who sell Medicare supplement or Medicare advantage plans.

This website is not associated with nor connected to any government agency. Anyone who is eligible for Medicare benefits can enroll in a plan through, or by calling the toll free number located within their website.

Commonly Asked Questions About & Medicare Enrollment

Q: If I can sign up for Medicare benefits through, what would I need this website for?

A: For millions of Medicare beneficiaries, Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) is fine for their needs at the specific time they are aging into Medicare, which is typically at age 65. For others, particularly anyone who is coming out of an expensive under 65 major medical plan, or who has a complicated health profile that requires significant medical treatment or prescriptions, original Medicare may not provide enough coverage. It is not uncommon for individuals who simply enroll in Part A and Part B, to years later regret not exploring their options under an Advantage plan or a Medicare Supplement plan when they turned 65.

Factual information is free, and you are never under any obligation to purchase anything from any of the insurance companies you may find within this website. We believe that consumers who are empowered with facts and access to reputable licensed Medicare professionals, have a much better chance of having an excellent experience with their Medicare benefits, than those who do not. That is the purpose of this website. Making Medicare less complicated, and helping you avoid the pitfalls that can come if you make the wrong purchasing decision.

Q: Do you get paid a commission if I purchase a Medicare plan through this website?

A: You can not purchase anything on this website or directly from or its parent company Health Network Group. We are not a licensed agency, or licensed entity. In fact, all HealthNetwork team members, meaning everyone within the company, are intentionally not licensed agents or brokers. The reason for this is to simply help remove any potential conflict of interest that could be implied if we were to obtain Medicare licensing. does receive compensation from some of the companies that are mentioned within this website, but not all companies. Additionally we do not receive any type of commission at any time. Only licensed agents and brokers can receive commissions. will sometimes receive compensation from companies who wish to advertise their Medicare products and services. Our advertising model is very similar to other companies such as Google, Yahoo or even TV broadcasters like CBS. Companies compensate in exchange for providing them with exposure to consumers who potentially may be interested in their services. We are purposely not compensated in a manner that would allow for our business model, to have a conflict of interest with our overall goal of simply being helpful to consumers. We rely heavily on word of mouth advertising, and peer to peer referrals. By being transparent in our practices and by only working with reputable insurance companies, and its parent company, Health Network Group, have grown to a point now where we reach more than 15 million American households annually.

Below, is a video that our parent company, Health Network Group, released in 2016 that explains precisely why we operate in this way as a consumer focused entity. It also makes clear how we feel about other companies who do not operate in a consumer focused manner. Specifically, we do not believe that it is okay for companies to harass individuals on the phone or in any manner, simply because they are seeking help with their health insurance, or Medicare benefits.

Q: Why would I want to listen to what an insurance broker has to say? Aren’t I better off just listening to someone who works for the government or relying on a government website for information?

A: If you are skeptical about a potential conflict of interest that a broker might have, that’s completely fine! It’s absolutely the right thing to do. Asking lots of questions, asking about all plans that are available in your area, and trusting your instincts if you think someone isn’t being truthful with you, are all good. Medicare benefits are incredibly important, and making the right buying decision for you, specifically for your needs, is quite possibly the most important decision anyone 65 or older will have to do. Your health impacts every part of your life, and being able to afford the access to care you need, is critical. While millions of Americans will rely on every year to research and enroll in a plan, millions of others will seek out help and information from highly trained and licensed Medicare professionals and through informational websites like

Researching all of your options, and seeking out help from vetted Medicare professionals, specifically when you need it, we believe is the best way to make the right purchasing decision for your specific needs.