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Wyoming may be the state with the smallest population, 586,107, in 23 counties, but its residents value their health coverage. Over the past two years, its total number of uninsured people dropped from 16.6 percent to 12.7 percent, a 23 percent reduction.

Among Wyoming’s 94,498 Medicare beneficiaries, 3,678 have Medicare Advantage. Another 2,304 residents’ plans include Part D prescription drug coverage. United Healthcare is the largest carrier, providing policies to 72 percent of all enrollees.

But Medicare Advantage members can also select plans from approximately 37 other carriers, including: Aultcare Health Insuring Corporation, New West Health Services and Sierra Health and Life Insurance Company Inc.

For Medicare Advantage in Wyoming, there are multiple plan types, such as: HMOs, PPOs, PFFS (Private Fee-for-Service) plans and Medicare Savings Account (MSA) plans. And, the state offers Special Needs Plans (SNPs) to eligible consumers; e.g., those with specific chronic conditions.

Any questions concerning Medicare Advantage in Wyoming may be addressed by the State Health Insurance Information Program (WSHIIP). A federally mandated program, the number is (800) 856-4398.

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