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In Mississippi, Southern hospitality is a given; in fact, one nickname is the “Hospitality State.”  With almost 2.93 million people living in 82 counties, Mississippi has 556,994 Medicare-eligible beneficiaries: 84,720 are Medicare Advantage members and 75,485 have plans with Part D prescription drug coverage.

In 2021, enrollment in Medicare Advantage in Mississippi represents about 20% of the total population here, according to a report from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Nationwide, Medicare Advantage enrollment has grown steadily in the last decade and now accounts for over a third of all Medicare enrollment.

Medicare Advantage has become a popular choice among America’s seniors, largely because these plans combine the benefits of Original Medicare with added coverage for things like prescription drugs, dental care, vision and hearing, and more.

Some Advantage plans charge a premium for these extras, but not every plan does.

In 2021, the average premium for Medicare Advantage in Mississippi will be $22.17 a month according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). You’ll always pay any premium you have for Parts A and B, but you may or may not have a premium for the private plan itself.

Every Medicare member in Mississippi will have access to at least one Advantage plan with a $0 premium next year.

As for availability, that depends on where you live in the state. The CMS is reporting 54 available plans for the Magnolia State at large. Despite the variability in plan options, every Medicare enrollee here will have access to at least one private plan in 2021.

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