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Fast Facts

  • 113 Medicare Advantage plans available
  • Total Medicare enrollment: 1,389,292
  • Average monthly premium (2023): $44.26
  • Enrollee access to Advantage plans: 100%

Massachusetts will have 113 Medicare Advantage plans available in 2023 according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Plan availability varies based on where you live in the state, but every Medicare member in Massachusetts will have access to at least one private plan next year.

Nationwide, enrollment into Medicare Advantage plans is on the rise, now representing nearly half (45%) of all people with Medicare in the U.S. In Massachusetts, enrollment represented about 31% of the Medicare population in the state in 2022, per data from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Medicare Advantage plans vary in what they cover and cost. By law, all private Medicare plans must cover at least the same benefits as Original Medicare (Parts A and B together). Beyond this, they can cover a host of additional benefits, like dental and vision, gym memberships and prescription drugs.

You’ll always have a premium with Medicare because you’ll pay the portion for Original even if you have a private Advantage plan. But Advantage plans may or may not charge an additional premium for the added benefits.

Massachusetts will see an average premium for Medicare Advantage in 2023 of $44.26 a month, which is down about $6 from last year’s average. Every Medicare member in the state, though, will have access to at least one Advantage plan with a $0 premium.


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