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Fast Facts

  • 65 Medicare Advantage plans available
  • Total Medicare enrollment: 711,061
  • Average monthly premium (2023): $17.66
  • Enrollee access to Advantage plans: 100%

Medicare Advantage is a popular alternative to Original Medicare. As a private option, Advantage plans can offer benefits and features that traditional Medicare can’t, and their popularity is growing, both in Connecticut and the country as a whole.

In 2022, just over 711,000 of the people in Connecticut were enrolled in Medicare. And according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, enrollment in Medicare Advantage made up 56% of the Medicare population here the same year.

Nationwide, Medicare Advantage enrollment makes up 45% of all Medicare plans.

Everyone in Connecticut with Medicare has access to at least one Advantage plan in 2023 according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS). There are 65 plans total, with availability depending on where you live. Your zip code determines your plan options.

Advantage is sold by private companies. UnitedHealthcare/AARP, Aetna and Anthem (an affiliate of BlueCross BlueShield) are popular carriers in Connecticut.

Rates for individual plans vary, but Connecticuters will see a drop in Medicare Advantage premiums for next year. Per the CMS, the average premium in the state will be $17.66 a month in 2023.

The lowest premium is $0, with every Medicare member in Connecticut having access to at least one zero-dollar Advantage plan.

Note that even with Advantage, you’ll have premiums from Original Medicare, which is Parts A and B together. On top of that, a private plan can charge an additional premium. Advantage plans have to cover everything that Original does, and most come with a host of added benefits, such as prescription drug coverage, gym memberships, dental and vision, and more.


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