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There are approximately 40 carriers that offer Medicare Advantage coverage with prescription drug coverage (MAPD) or just Medicare Part D plans in the State of Alaska. That list is below. Some of the bigger and more well-known carriers that offer coverage are Anthem, Aetna and its subsidiary Coventry, BlueCross and Blue Shield, and Humana.

There are a number of different types of Medicare Advantage plans offered to Alaska residents. For instance, a person can enroll in a Local PPO plan, an HMO or a PFFS plan. PPO plans offer the most range and flexibility and usually have a larger network of doctors. Additionally, there are less requirements and guidelines before a person can get coverage under a PPO plan, which is similar to a major medical plan. HMO plans usually have a smaller network of doctors that see patients in that plan and there are definitely more restrictions. These plans are also typically a little cheaper, which is more important to some Medicare patients on a fixed income. Finally, PFFS plans, which stands for Private Fee-for-Service plans clearly outline what doctors they will pay for services and how much they will pay for services and then the patient is responsible for the rest. If a person is in better health and doesn’t need a lot of medical care, this may be a better option.

As of 2012, the trend for Alaska residents was to enroll in Original Medicare. There was more than 1000x more people who enrolled in Original Medicare plans than enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans. In 2015, there were only approximately 56 people in the state of Alaska that enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans.

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services maintains a page on Medicare here.

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