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Aspire Medicare Advantage Plan Overview

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Aspire is a locally owned nonprofit health plan that brings its knowledge of the community to the seniors it serves. The company offers Medicare Advantage plans to residents of Monterey County, California.

Aspire is part of Montage Health, a nonprofit group focused on improving the health of Monterey County residents. In addition to the health plan, the group manages doctor’s offices, rehabilitation and hospice services and a community hospital. Montage Health focuses on coordination of care and providing comprehensive health services to its patients.

Aspire began offering Medicare Advantage Plans in 2013. The company offers three Medicare Advantage plans: Aspire Health Value (HMO), Aspire Health Advantage (HMO) and Aspire Health Plus (HMO-POS). The plans have a 4-star rating from CMS. All plans include prescription drug coverage as well as transportation and wellness benefits, and some feature additional benefits.

If you’re a resident of Monterey County, you’ll have access to a robust network of providers via Aspire. Over 700 doctors and all four Monterey County hospitals are in network for Aspire’s Advantage plans, which strive to coordinate personal care for each member while containing costs.

Comparing Aspire Medicare Advantage Plans

As we mentioned, Aspire offers three plan types for Medicare Advantage. While the company only serves Monterey County, your costs and coverage could vary based on your zip code. Below, we’ve offered a summary of plan options you might find with Aspire.

Aspire Medicare Advantage (2022)
Health Value HMO Health Advantage HMO Health Plus HMO
Monthly premium $52 $139 $269
Copay (primary) $15 $0 $0
$0 medical / $480 drug for tiers 3+ $0 medical / $150 drug for tiers 3+ $0 medical / $0 drug
Network In-network coverage only In-network coverage only May not cover out-of-network services, but you aren’t limited to a network
Rx coverage? Yes Yes Yes
Rx cost (30-day retail)
$9 copay for tier 1 $4 copay for tier 1 $0 copay for tier 1
Special features Fitness membership, home fitness kits, transportation benefits, acupuncture and chiropractic Fitness membership, home fitness kits, transportation benefits, acupuncture and chiropractic Fitness membership, home fitness kits, transportation, acupuncture, chiropractic and travel benefits
Out-of-pocket max $7,550 $5,000 $3,450 combined (in and out of service area)
CMS Star Rating 4 4 4

Aspire doesn’t sell Medigap policies, which are supplemental policies that you can use to complement original Medicare. But Medicare Advantage is an increasingly popular option among Medicare enrollees, now representing just over 40% of Medicare members. Aspire serves Monterey California exclusively, so if you’re a resident here and looking for good benefits, consider the private alternative to traditional Medicare.

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